~ How to Play ~


Stir up the romance by mixing and matching elements in combinations of three or more to gain points and win achievements as you unlock the story. Align three or more elements of the same color to break them apart, gain points, and win levels.


Effectively winning levels allows you to achieve 1, 2 or 3 stars which can be used to upgrade tools. Throughout the game you can also earn diamonds which can be used to purchase various upgrades. Tools, Unity Vortex Charges, and Power Elements offer you more ways to win levels and unlock the full story.

The Elements Club: Unity Match® video game features over 250 levels with seven kinds of game play.

Win levels faster or more effectively by using tools. All tools can be upgraded with level stars for enhanced power.

Make matches of four-in-a-row to charge the Unity Vortex and unleash four different chemical liege attacks.

During game play, you can cultivate four types of power elements that can break through barriers and eliminate objects.