Slate Walker

Expert Jewel Thief and Rooftop Housebreaker

Male     |   South African    |    Single


At five years old a British Naval Officer taught Slate Walker how to properly hold a knife to gut a man. By seven years of age, he was aptly fighting with savate taught to him by a French miner on the wharfs of Cape Town. At ten years of age, he ran away from home to tour the world. By the time he was fourteen, he was an established presence in the European criminal gang of master thief, Adam Worth.


Energetic, bold, and a natural leader, Slate Walker enjoys living life on his own terms, authority be damned. Having successfully broken into 123 London homes via attic entries gained through entry over slate rooftops, Slate Walker takes pride in his street name.


With adventure seeming to run through his veins, he is always on the lookout for the next big take, preferably one with high-risk and high-reward.



The bastard of a common street prostitute, Slate remembers an older half-brother teaching him to spit at the ripe old age of three--or was it four? That brother left the family nest to head out to the sea...maybe. Since Slate’s mother refuses to acknowledge such a person existed, Slate is not even sure of his half-brother’s name, if he is alive or if said brother is only a figment of his imagination.


His mother alway claimed Slate’s father was a British lord, but Slate knows that is a flat-out lie as no peer of the realm would ever set foot in the wharf of Cape Town to dapple with his scrappy mother. At least her lie makes for a good laugh.



When not thinking up his next heist, he likes inventing mechanical devices that allow him to break in and get out of buildings faster. He also enjoys coming up with distinctive training routines to encourage his criminal gang minions on more efficient escape methods.



Since he was raised on the docks, one would think he would have come to love the smell of sea life. But no, he abhors the sight, smell, and taste of fish. And any sailor that might come near him had better beware. Slate harbors an almost irrational hatred of boat dwellers, and if he encounters one in-land, he has no issue with sinking a sailor into a premature watery grave.



When Slate Walker dreams, he envisions his own harem, wealth beyond measure, a couple of mansions, a private army, a fully stocked wine cellar, a boatload of minions -- in short, his own kingdom. One with a lighthouse. Why a lighthouse? Perhaps that imagine of hope in the midst of a storm was planted by the only kind person Slate knew as a child, the light keeper of Green Point light house on the out skirts of Cape Town.


About the Actor: DeVille Vannik

Born and raised in South Africa, DeVille received his training at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts and attended the Performing Arts Lifestyle Institute in South Africa. Having done numerous commercials, films, documentaries and shows, he is no stranger to the camera. As a professional freerunner, parkour instructor and martial artist, he possess a unique set of action skills to complement his acting craft.