Jamison Marrow a.k.a. Nemesis Angel

A poetic vigilante with a habit of violently rectifying matters of injustice

Male     |   British    |    Single


A conservative eccentric, Jamison Marrow has always thought of himself as a Lone Wolf. A deep thinker with strong beliefs of right and wrong, his passion to bring about justice to maligned peoples originated when as a child of eight, his father was falsely accused of theft by a superior who was seeking to cover his own crimes.  Sentenced to hard labor, Jamison’s father died while in prison.


Most people who know Jamison view him as a hard working accountant for a wealthy shipping merchant. Few see past his mild facade to glimpse the revenging persona within. Secretly, he has engaged on ‘justice missions’, some of which have culminated in violence so that the news press have christened him, “Nemesis Angel.”



After the death of his father, unable to make enough income as the child ‘head of the household,’ young Jamison could only gnash his teeth in frustration as he sorrowfully watched his mother and younger siblings all toil away in factories to collectively try and make ends meet.


Through a chance encounter when he was eleven years old, a factory owner happened to see Jamison demonstrate a natural flare for mathematics. Reassigned from the factory floor to the management floor, Jamison was apprenticed to the accounting department where he was groomed into a new career.



Jamison loves writing poetry, reading the Bible, and reviewing military strategies. His favorite time of year is Christmas, a holiday overflowing with tradition.



He harbors strong distaste for the rich, the upper class, and the government, all of whom he views as instruments of the devil.



Even though he likes the power of being an instrument of righteous terror, he often feels the weight of loneliness.  A large of apart of him craves a since of belonging. His only other dream is to see the United Kingdom’s monarchy dissolved.


About the Actor: Matthew Ackland

Trained at Stella Adler Studio of Acting NYC, British native Matthew Ackland has appeared in many theatrical productions both in the United States and his homeland.  Most recently, he performed in “The 39 Steps” at Tri-State Actor’s Theater, Newton, New Jersey.