Mr. Charles V. Parker-Smith

A master manipulator of the elements and the stock market

Male     |   American    |    Single  |  Presumed Dead


Born in America, Charles Vaughn Parker-Smith moved with his family to London when he was nine years of age. After earning his chemistry degree with honors at Heidelberg University, Parker-Smith quickly set out to conquer his place within the world.


A master manipulator of the elements and the stock market, Parker-Smith is not one to let either high morality or lavish honesty prevent him from securing a profitable objective. And when it comes to finding and hooking suckers into a gambling wager, Parker-Smith can be counted upon to come up with a brilliant plan to sagely fleece his prey without even breaking the rules of engagement.


Highly articulate and compelling, Parker-Smith puts great effort into his appearance. A discreet individual, his manners are impeccable, thus Society matrons revere him, even if they will never allow one of their daughters to marry him.


Raised Anglican, Parker-Smith sees no reason to petition the heavens for favor when he is perfectly capable of creating his own benevolence.



The only son of a thriving pharmaceutical industrialist, Parker-Smith’s parents and two younger sisters adore him. Knowing that his legacy will involve taking over his father’s role as President of Gilead Pharmaceuticals, Parker-Smith is hoping to effectively carve out his own accomplishment, preferably one that involves creating a new moldable substance that can be used by multiple industries.



A heavy, yet never overextended gambler, when relaxing, Parker-Smith is only away from the gambling den or racetrack when he is thoroughly enjoying reading a biography of a famous scientist while sipping a snifter of brandy.



The quickest way for a female to inflame Parker-Smith’s lack of tolerance is to be pensive. For a man, the fastest way to lose Parker-Smith’s respect is to exhibit a lack of control over one’s lusts or decisions.



Parker-Smith’s dual dream is to have unlimited riches topped with a knighthood for his contributions to science. With the haunting fear of failure dodging his every move, he knows without a doubt that he will accomplish his vision, the gates of hell notwithstanding.


About the Actor: David Vaughn

David Vaughn grew up in Nashville, Tennessee. He trained at the Library of Congress Theater, The Actor’s School in Nashville and Lipscomb University in Nashville. From various independent films, to theater work, to modeling, his charismatic and collaborating persona resonates depth in roles he undertakes. Most recently, he played a lead in “The Butterfly Chasers,” a film produced by award-winner Princeton Holt. Vaughn resides in Los Angeles.