Master V a.k.a. Veronica Symphonic

A masked stage singer

Female     |   American    |    Married to Lord Wesbury


Having survived a disastrous first marriage in which she was beaten nearly to death twice, Master V is driven to succeed in both her public role as a race horse owner, and in her private role as a masked stage entertainer. When masked and on-stage, she can allow her creative soul to emerge from a cage of self-containment to soar on wings of music.


Following her divorce, Master V has never felt so free--and yet so bound. She moved from America to England, a safe harbor that fulfilled a childhood fantasy. The dichotomy of her highly extroverted  public persona versus her formal introverted private persona allows her the ability to test her talents without her face being associated with her past.


Raised in a strict Methodist household, she eschews formal religion for it was in the chains of unbending doctrine that she found herself bound in an abusive marriage. For Master V, God is a woman; perhaps a goddess. She finds refuge in the gentle, empowering concepts of the Victorian spiritual movement.



Following the divorce of her husband, Jason Fritzgerald, Master V became estranged from her parents who continue to insist that she will go to hell for her actions.


While married, Master V longed for children. She conceived once, but the pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. Following a particularly bad beating in which it was a miracle she survived, she was informed that she would never conceive again. However, she never lost her desire to become a mother. When the opportunity to care for a five year-old girl, Victoria Barclay, arose, Master V eagerly took up the mantle of motherhood.


In 1893, she met and married Lord Wesbury, the relationship of which caused no end of gossip.



To create is to live. For Master V, joy is found in orchestrating music and planning choreography for elaborate theatrical singing and dancing routines. Two quirky traits she inherited from her grandmother are seeing numbers as personalities and labeling people with animal characteristics. For whatever reason, the number eight is an old, hunchbacked woman, while number one is a skinny man with a top hat, and so on. And for whatever reason, certain human beings are wasp-like, horse-like, monkey-like and so on.



An only child, Master V has battled loneliness from an early age, which no doubt gave birth to her wildly developed imagination. To a person who seeks to bully or box her or others in, Master V has a few choice words--all very bad.



At her core, Master V desires friendship with authentic souls who will neither judge or demean her and who will encourage her towards her destiny.


About the Actress: Cassanra Nuss

Cassandra is a MULTI-DISCIPLINARY ARTIST specializing in musical theatre, theatre, commercials, and modeling.  She is currently expanding into the world of film and television.  She is SAG ELIGIBLE and a proud ACTOR’S EQUITY MEMBERSHIP CANDIDATE.  She graduated Suma Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance and Dance from the Wichita Sate University.

Immerse yourself in

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Featuring Lord Wesbury

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Lord of Flawless Strength

It took only one look into her eyes, and Lord Edward Gelson, the Viscount of Wesbury (Matt Musgrove), knew his soul was instantly ensnared. But where to find this elusive, masked entertainer with the voice of a spiritual siren, the body of a goddess, and a psyche filled with transparent internal pain? Master V (Cassandra Nuss) has not let a wife-beating ex-husband, an obsessed fan, or a chauvinist racing owner get the best of her plans to emerge into Society. Determined to keep her heart in check, her goal of building her secret singing career while publicly racing her prize stallion are put to the test by the attentions of Lord Wesbury.