Lord Sebastian H. Hollingberry

A scent collecting, womanizing, engineer

Male     |   British    |    Single


Between the dinners, the entertaining outings, the clothes, the jewelry and the flowers, living the life of a wildly popular ladies’ man can certainly slide a gentleman into debt. Thankfully, Lord Hollingberry has a solid plan of investment in the engineering marvel of his age, motor wagons! Alas, not everyone is as impressed with motor vehicles.


The fourth son of the Marquess of Greville, Lord Sebastian Humphrey Hollingberry grew up knowing that he would need to put his smarts to use if he was going to earn any funds beyond pocket change from his portion of the family’s estate. With a love of all things man-made, he created a metal bending workshop to “tinker” in. Within his sacred chambers, Lord Hollingberry informed the outside world that he is manufacturing the latest mechanical marvel. And he is, but little does the outside world know that it is a toy.


Outgoing, talkative, and enthusiastic, not only does Lord Hollingberry consistently win businessmen to his line of reasoning, he wins the ladies--in droves. Hating the very thought of being alone, Lord Hollingberry has no qualms about provocatively seeking and securing female attention.


Raised Roman Catholic, he has completely renounced his affiliation with religion except for earnest petitions to God when losing a cricket game.



Lord Hollingberry is not a fan of the institute of family, his own being emotionally distant. His mother is alive, his father dead since 11 years of age. His eldest brother is the current Marquee of Greville. Another older brother and younger sister even out the legitimate family tree. The illegitimate family includes his two bastard children, Eliza, eight years of age, and Augustus, two years of age, each birthed from different women.


Not about to take up the reigns of fatherhood when he is still so “young,” Lord Hollingberry only sends his offspring’s mother’s funds to “keep the little dirt mongers at bay.”



A sports minded man, Lord Hollingberry loves cricket, biking, and hunting. But let not his sweat inducing activities fool anyone. His appreciation of fashion is nearly on par with his fetish for scents. He proudly claims a collection of over one thousand scents packed in perfumes, colognes and soaps.



In general, Lord Hollingberry shudders over bad design and engineering. A deep moan of discontentment can be heard when he lingers over ugly objects. And if he hears of any woman being violently used or raped, he is the first to cry for castration or be on hand to avenge the attacker with fists of fury.



Although loathe to admit it, Lord Hollingberry would willingly give up his mechanical workshop in exchange for emotional security that covers his fear of growing old alone. Little does he realize that he cannot trade a physical domain for an internal refuge.


About the Actor: Richard Halverson

Richard Magnus Halverson grew up in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the northeast of England, it’s once famous export of coal now replaced by the tasty Newcastle Brown Ale. A graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, he is currently enjoying a lightening rise in film, TV and commercial work here in Los Angeles. Most recently he has enjoyed working on the upcoming Disney movie ‘Saving Mr Banks’ featuring Tom Hanks, and shot commercials for Skype, Marriott Hotels, Skechers, Old Navy, and Crystal Head Vodka. His most favorite stage role was as the twisted Vietnam Veteran ‘Teddy’ who terrorizes a small-town southern diner in the play ‘When You Comin’ Back Red Ryder’, a role he someday wants to reprise in a re-make of the movie. Halverson resides in Los Angeles.