Lord Lewis Cobingsgan, the Baron of Clayworth

Owner of a hair dye company and prankster of first-rank

Male     |   British    |    Single


If there is one thing Lord Lewis Copernicus Cobingsgan, the Baron of Clayworth cannot stay out of, it is the newspaper. A prankster of first-rate, he often ties his family’s company, Cobinsgan & Worthy Tresses Dye, into outrageous stunts.


One stunt at a Scottish country hunting party earned him particular fame. A hideously bad shot,  Lord Clayworth bet fellow hunters that he could bag the most large kills for the season with the losing penalty requiring that he dye his hair green. Knowing the error rate of Lord Clayworth’s hunting technique, naturally, the men in the group agreed. Within a fortnight, Lord Clayworth “bagged” over 40 large animals, including an American moose and an African rhino, all  “borrowed” from the walls of fellow countrymen where the stuffed animals hung as mounted trophies. He won the bet, and for a brief time, visitors to that county would swear that they had seen leprechauns.


Overactive in thought and behavior, Lord Clayworth is known for grandiose business ideas and a keen sense of humor, which can be seen in his choice of tag-line for the family company:  “Prevent the Unwelcome Marks of Age.”


If given the choice, Lord Clayworth shies away from ethical and religious introspection, but if he must state an option honestly,  he leans toward the teachings of independent evangelist William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army.



While he could never call himself rich, Lord Clayworth is more than blessed with extended family relations.  All ten of his younger brothers and sisters, and his mother, are alive and thriving with seven of his married brothers and sisters breeding like rabbits.


With so many children and babes underfoot, Lord Clayworth sees no reason to hurry up and marry. He enjoys being the center of attention, and Lord knows, with his talented heritage his children would suck up Society’s pool of affection and leave him with barely a drop.



When he is not thinking up another prank, Lord Clayworth loves to go to the theater, where he is sometimes allowed on stage to do impressions of famous politicians and Society members. He can also be found hunting up jokes as he visits various clients, clubs, and businessmen.



Having a large family to support leaves Lord Clayworth continually short of time and money, a fact that annoys him. What he loathes is bad cooking. Particularly English food which he finds bland, boring or tasteless. His favorite meals involve spicy or exotic cuisine such as one meal of fried grubs from South Africa with a chili topping from Spain.



Fearful of being dull and not “seen” by Society, he continues to pursue his goal of making enough money to be able to dedicate all his waking hours to the theater.


About the Actor: Alexander J. Alexander

Alexander J.  Alexander grew up on the south coast of England. His training includes a Drama and Film Studies degree from the University of London, as well as stints with Guildhall School of Music and Drama and the London Film Actor’s Workshop.  An improv enthusiast, Alexander is known for bringing a bolt of dynamic energy to the roles he undertakes; plus, he can never remember his lines. Alexander resides in Los Angeles.