Lord Casimin Blackwell

 First Secretary to Chargé d’Affaires of China and amateur cartographer and astronomer

Male     |   British    |    Single


At first glance, most people do not notice Lord Casimin R. Blackwell. Perhaps it is because he is resistant to any new fashion trend, and thus appears boring. Or perhaps it is due to his uncanny ability to hide his true self inside a cocoon of serious conservatism. Lord Clayworth once joked, “Wherever he goes, Lord Casimin is always wearing the same pattern of wallpaper as the room he is in.”


Blending in seems to be of value for Lord Casimin’s career. He is First Secretary to Chargé d’Affaires of China, Sir Nicholas Roderick O’Conor, and he is well favored within the Foreign Office. Despite his avoidance of strange situations, he enjoys living in China. In Peking, ancient history comes alive as traditions are rigidly kept in place.


What Lord Casimin lacks in innovation he more than makes up for in loyalty, dependability,  and respect for established ideas. Everyone knows they can count on his predictability and calm rationality regardless of the problem at hand.


Although he is a traditional Anglican, he reveres the Eastern tradition of ancestral adoration.



Lord Casimin’s father, the scandalous Marquess of Blackwell, is living and married to his second wife, following the death of his first. To Lord Casimin’s shame, his father is a scandal-loving womanizer steeped in a habit of snapping up anything in skirts.


With three older brothers, and four younger half-brothers, Lord Casimin grew up in a chaotic, discipline-free, testosterone-infested environment

that he was more than pleased to leave, once he entered boarding school, that hollowed sanctuary of rules, regulations and peace.


The one person in his family he adores is his grandmother, the Dowager Blackwell, a dominant force in London Society. In turn, she views him as her favorite grandson.



An amateur cartographer and astronomer, Lord Casimin loves the rhythm of the seasons and the passage of time. The ticking of a watch can instantly ease his stress, and the chime of certain clocks renders within him a feeling of tranquility and safety.



Very few things bring Lord Casimin into a state of frustrated peak, but if a person were to be overly friendly upon first, second, third, or fourth meetings, he would no doubt give that person the direct cut. The cold shoulder of disdain is also reserved for individuals who cultivate disorder.



A modest man, Lord Casimin has stated that he only desires a solid career free from scandal, but hidden within is the hope that one day he could become the Foreign Secretary. If only he can avoid doing anything silly, stupid or irrelevant!


About the Actor: Alastair James Murden

Alastair James Murden grew up in Essex, England. A graduate of University of Winchester with a degree in Performing Arts, he trained at London’s Central School of Speech and Drama. A three-year member of the Improv troupe ‘Improv Shmimprov,’ Murden has actively performed on stage and film in a wide spectrum of roles ranging from side-splitting comedies to soul-searching dramas. A classically trained musician, he has also worked as a Musical Director and vocal coach. Murden resides in Los Angles County with his wife, Naomi.

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