Dr. Henry Jackson a.k.a. Dr. Death

The boxing owner of the Death Trap gambling den and collector of body parts

Male     |   British    |    Divorced


Dr. Henry C. Jackson, (a.k.a. Dr. Death), may have a medical degree, but as the owner of the Death Trap gambling den, he makes more money fleecing the weak than caring for the sick.  And at the end of the day, money is the addictive drug that Dr. Death craves.


Born into poverty, not only has he had to fight for every advantage in his life, he also has been at death’s door four times, and each time, cunningly fought back to the land of the living.


Ambitious and aggressive, Dr. Death controls the neighborhood his gambling den is established in. With money enough to burn, he has female company at his beck and call, and he has gained respect in the business community. What could possibly be missing?


God? What God? There is no Almighty. For Dr. Death, the overriding message of evolution is the proven key to mankind’s existence: only the strong survive. And if a person wants to debate that point, Dr. Death is more than willing to engage in, and enjoy, a good verbal brawl.



Dr. Death has been known to mockingly laugh over his dysfunctional family. His father abandoned the family when Dr. Death was three years of age. At fives years of age, his mother moved in with an abusive alcoholic. A step-sister arrived in short order. By eight years, his mother had been beaten to death. He struck out on his own to survive, and no longer knows, or cares what happened to his step-sister.


Although Dr. Death is married and has an eight year-old son, Andrew, and a three year-old daughter, Mary, the marriage never “took.” He and his wife divorced in 1893.



An excellent boxer, Dr. Death regularly organizes and supports boxing matches, the bloodier the better. Speaking of bodily fluids, he collects body parts, both animal and human. In particular, he is quite proud of his 14 foot whale penis which he had mounted and displayed because “no parlor should be without an erection.” His favorite hobby is thrusting into female flesh, preferably in kinky positions. His secret passion is opera.



Exaggeratedly masculine, it does not take much to get on Dr. Death’s dark side. In all fairness though, he generally controls his aggressive nature. His two main “rage triggers” are loud, overbearing women, and beggars and charity workers who plead for money.  The only thing that gets this hard man shaking on the inside is visiting any home that is steeped in the soul stripping ties of poverty.



Despite having attained the best measures of life’s success, Dr. Death is not fully satisfied. A man can never have enough money or power due to the fact that there is always someone lurking in the shadows ready to pounce on a momentary weakness or vulnerability, thus rendering a man back into the arms of the poorhouse.


About the Actor: Aubrey Wakeling

Aubrey Wakeling grew up in Lincolnshire, England. He trained at Birmingham School of Speech and Drama, the Actors Centre in London, and Margie Harber Studios in Los Angeles. Having spent over a decade playing lead and supporting roles in the theater industry in London, in 2010 Wakeling chose to venture to Hollywood. His talents have been captured on numerous TV shows, including “Power of Art,” an Emmy Winning BBC show, and in various films. Wakeling resides in Los Angeles.