Alani Sofo Olofsson

 An invention loving scam artist

Female     |   Hawaiian / Swedish   |    Single


An outgoing extrovert, Alani has spent years using her gift of charm to leverage situations to her advantage in various scams. However,  years of tricking people have left her weary.  Hopeful of breaking from the past, she sets her sights on Lord Casimin and on creating a business of her own. Productive with good concentration, she has been actively working on a new varnish for coating boats and water vessels.


Raised in poverty for most of her life, she places a high goals on power and money. She can be extremely be judgmental and hard toward perceived enemies, as well as emotionally overpowering those around her.



Alani has no siblings. Her complicated childhood included being raised by her grandfather and aunt Pepe after her mother died and her father left her to return to Sweden.



The ocean and sailing are two things Alani has a real affinity for. Racing along in a yacht brings her a tremendous rush of euphoria. She also enjoys collecting traditional Hawaiian stories.



Cold weather is not her favorite, people with snobbish manners who lack a sense of humor.



She desires being loved and valued for who she is. A million dollar bank account would also be welcomed.


About the Actress: Tessa Zhong

A multilingual actress/model, Tessa is based  in the Houston area and represented by Pastorini Bosby talent. She enjoys  singing, traveling and hip-hop dancing.

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Lord of Orange Stars

The reserved Lord Casimin Blackwell finds himself bound in unwanted holy wedlock to a scam artist inventor, Alani Olofsson. Raised in the fine art of swindling, she has learned to fight for what she wants, including hidden dreams. One of her ambitions is to secure the love of her politically talented, astronomy-mad, would-be husband, Lord Casimin.